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Documenting art and identity in formation: An arts agent's story
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You sure have noticed my unusual stake on surreal art these days. There’s not a high chance I’ll be liking lesser of these pieces. In time, surrealism has the probability to turn into something that is nearer to realism, to what is in fact happening at current. In the presentation of form these days in Asia, they are made as […]

First erected in July last year by German design house Art+Com, the “Kinetic Rain” sculpture consists of two segments which use 1,216 aluminum droplets coated in bronze, individually attached to motors located in the ceiling. The droplets transform into various shapes by moving up and down, and the patterns are controlled by a special custom […]


Since mobile phones have been integrated with parts to capture photos from the twenty first century, hand held cameras such as the digital cams or the DSLR were threatened with the phones capability to run pictures anytime and share it more immediately than any devices could, although with probably with lesser photographic quality. IPhones were […]


The head looks rather big in proportion to its body that they are like giant clams on wood stems. On a further look, one could think they are huge unflourished roses. You would even believe they speak to each other like humans do. It seem to resemble apples with an eye, spinning on its own […]


Are these dinning ware familiar to you? Yes, they would be if you were raised in Singapore like eight years ago. These are often seen at in a typical house hold and as time goes by, the ware gradually disappears from the coffee shops and a modern local home. These items can be found exhibited […]


Six year back when I was suppose to do an assignment to cover several parts of arts development in Singapore, having in mind it has to be presented interestingly, covers arts policy, the current difficulties artists and professional face, art practice and all, I did one new reporting act rather candidly, and here is the […]


FIRST DOCUMENTATION The first documentation is named ‘a force universal’ was a free flow visual statement first created in 2004 that was done by oneself inking mainly dots on paper, following a force that he sensed instictively. Although it may sound like turning into an abstract expressionism work or a pointillist style art, it probably […]

Alive gallery

Trends in Art and Technology Creative producers are keeping up to the trends of technology in their efforts to maximize exposure to the mass of audience reachable through technology enthusiast and offering art new methods in their making. These are few of the four current trends which art has been given the era to evolve […]


I was traveling in a van with my in laws towards a rural area in a Thai province not far away from a tourist attraction of a modern sheep farm. Its souvenir shop sold some prints that again made me stopped and look. I have noticed this series of erotic illustrations by Nit Jaingewkam since […]


It was one afternoon when I picked up a call from a business woman who runs a travel agency. She explained that she has just started collaborating with an art agent representing an artist from China. They where promoting him in Singapore and were looking into some galleries to have his second exhibition here. We […]