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Documenting art and identity in formation: An arts agent's story

FUKE is Japanese artist. He makes the new type photos of digital photo world. FUKE is using the digital technique and his painter’s mind to convey the gentle feelings. When you see something through FUKE’s images, you will be able to feel the most beautiful side of the scenes, may be you did not feel […]

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SOCIETE GENERALE Gallery Alliance Française de Singapour Alliance Française de Singapour is organising the 2nd France + Singapore Photographic Arts Award. This award aims to feature visual artists from France and Singapore who use the base medium of photography. It provides a platform to showcase the art of the creative talents from both countries to […]

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More than a year since the launch of Painting Findings Asia, the creators and art scene professionals are coming back with a larger scaled project, The Arts Portal. Arts Portal is the latest mobile app-based art and design platform launching in January 2013 in the Apple app and Android Play stores. (Logo of Arts Portal) […]