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You sure have noticed my unusual stake on surreal art these days. There’s not a high chance I’ll be liking lesser of these pieces. In time, surrealism has the probability to turn into something that is nearer to realism, to what is in fact happening at current. In the presentation of form these days in Asia, they are made as […]

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The Pilgrimage And so they have all arrived. After days, weeks and months, the people have traveled with the guidance of a river stream. Far and away into the island it leads! ‘We are pilgrims of earth, van Gogh once said,’ recalled one. But the days have become years. The land is filled, yet we […]


The head looks rather big in proportion to its body that they are like giant clams on wood stems. On a further look, one could think they are huge unflourished roses. You would even believe they speak to each other like humans do. It seem to resemble apples with an eye, spinning on its own […]

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Trends in Art and Technology Creative producers are keeping up to the trends of technology in their efforts to maximize exposure to the mass of audience reachable through technology enthusiast and offering art new methods in their making. These are few of the four current trends which art has been given the era to evolve […]


The following article is on an International Art Exhibition featuring collaborative photo media works of Jack Kee Gamble (Australia) and Tan Haur (Singapore) to be taken place in Melbourne, Australia (SEP-OCT 2012). Perspectives in Transition The Crossroads of Melbourne and Singapore By Benedict Tan For decades, scientists went to a painstaking extent to recover evidences […]

An article I wrote for a travelling show which launched and concluded from and at my gallery. 1 x suitcase (2009 – 2011) In 2009, eight suitcases were packed, containing in each the creations and belongings of eight Singaporean artists, from a space they were let opened before, for all to peep and ponder over […]

Steve Chua was one artist whom I knew from Ernest Chan, whom was teaching him painting before. Steve’s paintings and drawings takes after Ernest’s style, however grew to have a more perfectionist route compared to the freer or more angular stokes of the one her learnt after. I will be elaborating more on them in […]

It was a coincidence that I met my ex classmate Alvin Herawan, an Indonesian, near my house several times as his girlfriend was just staying few blocks away from mine. We exchanged few friendly conversations and what we are up to recently. He brought up that he was attempting a Singapore version of a spot […]


Previously Chen Yunxiao was based and Singapore back from 2001 till 2010. I met him back in our college, LASALLE where he was majoring in fine arts. Ironically he has already attain a relatively good qualification in fine arts in China and was even teaching that subject. There was a place the students dearly call […]