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“This collection is a series of works depicting a journey to freedom and to remind ourselves of the precious moments in our lifetime and to observe beyond our subconscious our moment of secrecy and in our exploration to escape into a world of reality within a dream of our destiny.”
– Rosihan Dahim

Rosihan Dahim’s series chosen for his latest site specific installation would transform this stairway into a surreal space and a window to his toughest imaginations, for whom who steps up or down. The master of mind play triggers our subconscious state of mind once again with the presence of his art, allowing us to see beyond the moments when we trespass the flight of path contours.

Did we always ponder when we step up or down, elevating or descending from this level to the next?

Escape or stay,
to turn back or to leave,
say it now, or never,
choice or obligation,
definite, or infinite,
conceal or reveal.

Dream now, dream later?

Freedom now, freedom later?

Dream now, freedom now.

Bearing in mind these unexpected happenings seen through the experience of Dahim’s works are not compositions done by freewill, but a philosophical name to our deepest mind-state. The beauty comes with the appearance of unusual sightings, strong imaginations and element of surprise in these surrealist works.

Written by Benedict Tan 2012


Personal Notes:

I visited a cafe restaurant almost one year back that my friend ran. When artist Qi Hong was looking for another place to place his works, I brought his curator and local agent for lunch there, at Talent Cafe since they were also seeking for some fine art to enforce their talent supporting role. Few weeks made it possible for Qi Hong to transform one of the private function rooms into his own, renaming it “Qi Hong Celestial Court”. As their anniversary is drawing near, the artistic partner of my friend’s indicated that they would be very happy if more local young artists can be introduced to their space. I then made three other promising artists to be in contact with them to explore the opportunities to exhibit their works each in one of their seven allocations (That I will elaborate more in another post).

While exploring that place and providing some views on which artists are suitable for each placing, I saw a stairway from the second level leading to the office on the third, launching just from the entrance of Qi Hong Celestial Court. I felt gradually after passing it several times on few occasions where I ignored the partly hidden but prominently high and grand section of the cafe, that this stairway simply belongs to one surrealist I knew rather well.

I met Rosihan one day for coffee. “Look, what do you think about the stairway?” “What do you think it can be like Rosihan Dahim’s Stairway?”

His immediate engagement to the space didn’t surprise me. “We can call it Dahim’s Stairway”. We flipped through one book of his recent show, displaying a page of his improvised chair art. Through some talk, he set on transforming this stairway to a surreal escalation, “yes, I’m doing this!”, he affirmed, “I’m going to think about the name”.

Look out for the latest site specific installation by Rosihan Dahim.




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