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Trends in Art and Technology

Trends in Art and Technology

Creative producers are keeping up to the trends of technology in their efforts to maximize exposure to the mass of audience reachable through technology enthusiast and offering art new methods in their making. These are few of the four current trends which art has been given the era to evolve in its media, under the influence of technology.


Alive Gallery – Singapore – First Time in Southeast Asia- Journey through the world of Art like never before!

Alive Gallery, a South Korean hologram exhibit originally produced by Alive Gallery Inc. and TRUELIVE Co. Ltd, was held at Downtown East’s D’tent showcasing 49 interactive exhibits in 5 unique sections that spans from ancient arts to Renaissance and modern arts, including animations of Mona Lisa, Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo.

The 3-Dimensional video dialogue of Greek Gods, Apollo, Venus, Nike and Hermes, animated art works of ancient Egypt, Leonado da Vinci, Michelangelo with many others and its interactive nature of the exhibits allows the viewers to interact with art works through speech, view, sound and touch senses has strongly capture the interest of participants to understand the important facts and information of the works throughout the rich history of art.

Besides technology in place, this exhibition has taken the perspective theory into a life-sized affair. Interestingly, you can even walk into Van Gogh’s Night at the Cafe painting and be captured into the art work by a camera at an allocated spot.

Walk into Van Gogh’s Night at the Cafe painting and be captured into the art work by a camera at an allocated spot.


Mobile Application

Painting Findings Singapore

With the rise of the world of touch screen mobile devices, developers, creative thinkers and artists has taken the chance to expose themselves to the new media and at the same time, they are establishingthe digital trend.

After successfully launching, Painting Findings’ first edition, a popular “Spot-the-Difference” mobile phone gaming application for Iphones, Ipad and Andriod mobile devices, Oluss Studio is collaborating with ArtHappen.Com to develop the first ever Singapore Art edition of this mobile application.

Painting Findings’ first edition contains all Classical art works and is available for downloading for Iphones and Andriod mobile devices and it has attracted 400 new users a day, mostly from the United States of America and followed by Singapore.

More than the usual Spot-the-Difference game, this mobile application features is a unique Virtual Gallery where the art works that are “won” will be stored and users will be able to view the Gallery of art works and read information and important facts about the works and the artists.


iLife GarageBand by Apple

Devastated over the trouble of putting a whole band together? With your Apple computer, this could not be your music career’s obstacle. After the debut of iLife GarageBand by Apple, musicians over the world have used this opportunity to work at their own time and favour. GarageBand is a recording studio in a computer for learning an instrument, writing music or recording your very own songs, with more than a 100 instruments to choose from to make the combination of a song – “GarageBand can help, whether you are a rookie or a rock star” says Apple.

With its plug and play capabilities, you can plug in a USB keyboard or your electric guitar directly to your Apple computer to play through its amps. All you need to do is to add a track, choose from all the instruments and play. Not having a USB music keyboard is no problem. With the least piano skills, I simply played tunes with the just my laptop keyboard, or with just the mouse, you can try the one onscreen, resizable keyboard which can display up to ten octaves at once. More than that, the mac can play your guitar sounds with the added virtual stompbox effects like your classic foot padals.

Whether or not the quality of music is equivalent to different talents contributing to a single song, this revolution of music has offered band music to go solo again, making Beatles yesterday in the technology realm.


Fusionopolis and its Genexis Theatre

Science laboratories will not be a cold test bed withSingapore’s major reseach hub for science, engineering, infocommunication and media industries, Fusionopolis. This research hub has a “work, live, play and learn” vision and it has brought art and science together with its 20 million dollars, 560-seat oval shaped Genexis Theatre.

This theatre can hold not just art events but also science exhibitions and conferences. ‘Now you can have a science festival here and an arts festival here,’ said JTC assistant CEO Philip Su.

The design of the experimental theatre succeeds through a cohesive amalgamation of highly technical solutions and innovation design resulting from a composite work of art and technology. Genexis Theatre is supported solely on a mega column, which acts as an architectural and audio-visual system design, exhibits distinction in both structure and function. Around 400,000 timber beads (50mm diameter) fills the curve walls within the theatre which is an acoustic solution to diffuse mid and high frequencies while providing a richly textural curtain that works particularly well with the spherical space.


Written by Benedict Tan. This article was Published in Lien Magazine October 2012

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