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Painting Findings – a mobile art app
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It was a coincidence that I met my ex classmate Alvin Herawan, an Indonesian, near my house several times as his girlfriend was just staying few blocks away from mine. We exchanged few friendly conversations and what we are up to recently. He brought up that he was attempting a Singapore version of a spot the difference game he was creating on the Google Android platform. More interestingly, this app comes with a virtual gallery. Well, so we met on another occassion for this discussion as he needed my collaboration since he was not familiar with the Singapore art scene and couldn’t get any response from any artists to be involved in his project. Yes, as it was dealing with arts in Asia and was indeed and international platform, I agreed. It took three months to produce an inprompt tu Photography edition involving Kelvin Tay, Mackie Tan and Jame Lynus.

The Singapore fine arts took a longer time of nine months to complete due to delays from artists’ submissions. It is when I found out another difference of fine artists and photographers, and of course how much persuation is needed to get them involved in something… different. Pairing to the artists uncertainty was when tablets are coming into the trend. We wanted this edition to be on tablets too. Despite the dragging almost made Alvin and his team in the studio consider of dropping the case, it went on the Google Android Market eventually, launching timely a week before the celebration of Independence day. That is one project I felt really worth working on, and I had two sides to pull together, the producers and artists. Isn’t this the one role of an arts agent, being like a middle man? Yes, it’s a worthwhile thing.

Read on the article I wrote of the art app. It was published on the Singapore Art Gallery Guide and Business times did a review on this app. And if you do own an Android device, get them on your phone or tablet.


Android game developer partners Singapore Art to put artists on the mobile technology trend

Introduction of Painting Findings – Singapore Collection

Launching by the National Day in the Google Android Market, Painting Findings is back with the latest edition of the well loved classical spot the differences game which includes a unique Virtual Art Gallery developed for Andoid mobile phones and tablets. This edition features Singapore artists of different generations and styles namely the pencil genius Ashley Yeo, Ben Puah, Fyerool Darma, Steve Chua and also internationally reputable names such as pop artist Justin Lee and surrealist painter Rosihan Dahim. Players will be able to collect their art works in theVirtual Art Galleryby winning the stages of the spot the difference game. In that gallery, users of the game application can discover more about their art works by reading the descriptions and are able to place them on the wall paper of their mobile devices. This mobile game application has begun its discussion one year ago and is developed by Oluss Studio in collaboration with arts manager Benedict Tan.

Edutainment with a difference…

Painting Findings latest collection of art works of Singaporean artists in its popular spot the differences game has a one of its kind Virtual Art Gallery which showcases art works that game players collected. Players can collect art works by winning stages during the spot the differences game. This virtual gallery is also a special learning and educational component in this gaming application that allows people to discover about the art works and learn important facts about them. Tad different from other finding differences games, the unique feature of this game is the display of different differences every time an art work is re-played hence an art work replayed is a new gaming experience.

Prior to this edition, the first ever Painting Findings edition featured painting masters’ during the classical era. Photo Findings was launched subsequently as the photography edition of this game featuring three travel photographers.

A Benchmark of Singapore art…

Painting Findings gathered celebrated artists of different generations and styles to be represented in itsSingaporeart collection, aiming to be a benchmark ofSingaporeart by its artistic standards through this internationally available channel of exposure.

Artists involved in this project are namely young genius of pencil and the 2009 Finalist of France + Singapore New Generation Artists annual visual art competition Ashley Yeo with her ‘Japanese’ drawing capabilities which could only be lined from the finest feeling from the heart, Ben Puah – whom is known by his nick name of Singapore’s Vincent van Gogh with his post impressionist style of painting in a local child like slang and international artist and curatorRosihan Dahim, often spotted by his giant matchsticks, whose works are influenced by Savador Dali, a prominent Spanish Catalan surrealist painter born in Figueres – in his world of Dadaism being the image of surrealism in an Asian context.

Also in the line up of artists in this edition of this spot the differences game are Steve Chua, Justin Lee and Fyerool Darma. Players of this game will be able to experience Steve’s signature graphic design rendering effect and the orange-red hues in his attempt to reflect the media programmes’ negative influences on society especially teenagers today of it having encouraged lifestyle of violence, sex and drugs portrayed by celebrities. Justin’s strength in Pop art found its space between Andy Warhol’s facial impressions and with a blend of Frank Stella’s line abstraction; yet Justin’s study of Popular art history has launched himself toward a different station of his own, the commentary of Singapore’s society and a celebration of all the small city has. The next in the line of this puzzle application is Fyerool Darma who puts the player in a real heart puzzle in this spot the difference game with his canvases or papers collected from streets while he expresses the melancholy of disposed toys and belongings of grown up boys and girls – catch the teddy bear and the abandoned bath tub in the game…

The Gaming experience…

Having over more than 70 stages, this latest version of Painting Findings spot the differences game has upgraded itself with high definition -HD- resolution that showcases the art works in distinctive clarity, and is fully capable to display the game screen on tablets. It retains the classic game loved by many around the world and differentiates itself from this old game by featuring art works by exceptional artists whom have proven their talents in the arts scene in theAsiaregion and internationally. Players will be able to view the original art works in greater detail, use the zoom function and also to explore the pictures in an educational perspective.

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