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Documenting art and identity in formation: An arts agent's story
A visual statement observing the natural force of universe-human connection


The first documentation is named ‘a force universal’ was a free flow visual statement first created in 2004 that was done by oneself inking mainly dots on paper, following a force that he sensed instictively. Although it may sound like turning into an abstract expressionism work or a pointillist style art, it probably would not be deemed a work of art due to the function and purpose of this practice. This venture started through the subject of spiritual science and mathemathics as a casual meditative process. The piece depicts an imaginary solar system was a setting of the journal being focused in the area of outter space.

“we are connected by one force- energy; that made the world around us revolve with a universal direction. the dotted sky of the galaxy is to exhibit energy waves – 2007 on first documentation of this visual statement”


The second documentation begun in 2007 and it has been in the work in progress till now in 2012. The structure was formed by a sphere positioned against two lines draw by dividing the sides with ‘phi’ ratio, a golden triangle drawn also using the ‘phi’ ratio and finally spreading the spirialing force with focal points by the fabonacci numbers.



The structure being formed by math fomulars derives from the concept of mathematics being a merging subject to science on a high level of study and to ascertain that these formulas miracally denotes the patterns of earth found creations. In fact, most of nature’s creations would reveal these formulas such as the gold ratio and fabonacci numbers. It is a document that through capturing on document by meditation of the universal force, it proves that nature and the universal force does not go around in random.

It is believed then that using one’s own subconscious mind (the human) to connect to the natures force (the universe) could then reveal a product of nature (or God, divine, universal force, what you call it) and its energy patterns on a visual evidence.


The reason behind working on this is, on a daily basis, being able to step back from the real world, take focus off ones mind, and to be in line with nature’s force, a meditation which is pricessless.

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