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The Next Survival show: an art awareness initiative plan

Six year back when I was suppose to do an assignment to cover several parts of arts development in Singapore, having in mind it has to be presented interestingly, covers arts policy, the current difficulties artists and professional face, art practice and all, I did one new reporting act rather candidly, and here is the script with some presentation slides attached. A project I call, The Next Survival Show.

Have you heard about the next survivor show?

5 businessman and 5 businesswomen will be dropped in a cultural desert for 3 weeks.

candidates from around the world will be selected to join The Next Survivor Show, Namely:China,USA,Japan,Malaysia,Italy,Australia,Korea,Singapore,IndonesiaandEngland.

They will not be provided food and water; they should be able to sort for water, food and a cool shelter on their first day.

On day 2, they will assemble at the Jungle heart and their challenge will be told to them in order to survive in the next 6 weeks: It is to generate 10 performances in 6 weeks and that the desert will be a vibrant world class sand city in 7days

On day 3 they have a glimpse of an eager population of 2000 people, awaiting to be entertained, pleased with sights, sounds, taste, emotions and most of all, they must see their desert culture portrayed and depicted reasonably in every performance they participate.

By day 5, they must set up a small workstation and find resources to earn funds for themselves.

At day 6, they will be introduced to 50 artists, consisting of sand artists, hot dancers, horn musicians, and umbrella actors.

For the next 3 days, they have to hold meetings, organize and create materials accordingly, handle artists needs, misconduct and ask for sponsorship from hungry by passers and rich merchants with a promise that they will in turn provide them free excellent performances.

And as 50 artists won’t be enough for an ideal sand city, they will have to scout for talents from neighbouring countries. If they are not able to find foreign talents, they must work extra hard in order to training new artists.

They must be able to read technical riders, make artists to come on time for trainings and rehearsals, and have a good network of contractors who will build stages, fix lightings and sound systems. In addition to that, they must ensure that all safety regulations are met, and conduct 1 fire drill a week.

They must ensure that during the artists training, rehearsals and performances none of them should be injured and get terribly sick and that the artists should get the best treatment.

They must find enough food for all the artists and make sure they do not get hungry or too full to perform.


Written by Yu Benedict Tan – 2006

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