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Context of objects placed in different stagings

Are these dinning ware familiar to you? Yes, they would be if you were raised in Singapore like eight years ago. These are often seen at in a typical house hold and as time goes by, the ware gradually disappears from the coffee shops and a modern local home.


These items can be found exhibited currently at the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts gallery till 18 Nov. This exhibition titled Tableaux Tables, brought in from France in collaboration with the Embassy of France to Singapore, showcases ten table of different designers who developed a set of kitchen ware and cutleries for display. Of course the gallery had two sets of Singaporean style tables on its ground, that would help the local viewers to relate the significance of previously normal living items, cased and put under spotlight, in a space of attention by parties with artistic or cultural agenda.

An plate that was placed just on your table in a coffee shop had basically a function to serve food and with its ornaments decorating it simply to provide some design to its product. However, when it was cleaned and specifically chosen to be exhibited in a museum several ten years later, it begins to tell people the lifestyle and the social situation that this plate has represented. The ornament such as flowers around the place becomes recognisable as a pattern deriving from a grouping of certain movement. But, if the similar plate was moved into an art gallery dealing with conceptual art, the reason for its existence is re questioned. Probably you could at the same time wonder if it has the fate of Marcel Duchamp’s piss pot installation.

I have placed two pictures of what you could typically find in French dinning at home.


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