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The Lumia Test

Since mobile phones have been integrated with parts to capture photos from the twenty first century, hand held cameras such as the digital cams or the DSLR were threatened with the phones capability to run pictures anytime and share it more immediately than any devices could, although with probably with lesser photographic quality. IPhones were likely the ones that topple the jungle of post film products and shone as the camera for the masses, often seen as a traveler’s camera and even a reference for artistic media. And so the list of mobile phones goes, adding on pixels and imaging intelligence to subtracting frame thickness. Just before the Christmas of 2012, Nokia announced the launch of its second wave of Lumia model sporting the most advanced camera of all phones – especially when it comes to low light situations. I bought one for reasons more than that of course, and I am not so much of a photographer but I understand more or less the problems and benefits of holding a good and bad (or easy and difficult) cam definitely. I was just heading down to Hong Kong for Christmas eve, and I thought – where is best to test this camera in low light situations than a city that doesn’t sleep! Ready? Here are some of my best shots! WP_20121226_129 WP_20121226_072 WP_20121226_071 WP_20121225_097 WP_20121225_067 WP_20121225_043 WP_20121225_055 WP_20121225_063 WP_20121225_066 WP_20121225_078 WP_20121225_033 WP_20121225_032 WP_20121225_09_26_02_Panorama WP_20121225_08_06_45_Panorama WP_20121224_019

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