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Foodography edition 1
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Hi all! This would be the first of a series called Foodography. As it literally suggest, it is a combination of food and photography. Food is simply another of my favourites besides art, as it is to many artists and those in the arts. Here, taking a photo of the dishes before all starts ripping up them is kinda a trend. So I am embarking a rather trendy topic!

I would first have this dishes that just had, and lesser words about them. Later there would be more foods that I could tell more stories behind them, not (or not so much) of history or traditions, but what why they are significant in society and me, or basically what makes them really aesthetically pleasing!

This is one session at a coffee place call Old Town Cafe. It has several branches in Singapore, arriving from Malaysia. This particular branch is cleverly located near Youth Centre, an activity hub of National Youth Council. The coffee shop is much patronised by youth from teenagers to young adults. I go there often, it is one scene that is really alive after midnight along the Orchard shopping belt. Tonight I had its signature curry noodles and seafood dumplings. As usual, the hazelnut ice coffee is quite a must.

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