Art Happen
Documenting art and identity in formation: An arts agent's story
Welcome Note

I knew something about art when I was picking up the pencil at age of six.

By teen, I was competing in high school art competitions. My winning painted banner was flown during the sports day, held high by six sports boys running, who shared my classroom.

On a rather late decision, I took lessons just for two months under an art teacher during a vacation. After the holidays, she said I was ready for graduating high school art.

But when the semester started, the head of school informed that I wasn’t able to drop science for art. And I failed science anyway.

From that very day, and from then on, as a silented student, I behold one question. How could I recreate a society where one can draw if one wishes to?

And so I begun searching for answers.

I was the one who carried your art works. You probably saw me saying hi at a gallery door.

Or maybe delivered art pieces that you bought to your door but taken one back on your wife’s disapproval. I probably wrote to you asking for your poem to match an art work. You didn’t notice that I took your credit card.

But I was at the framer near your office. I was meddling with loads of codes to make things work when you are sleeping. And someone mistook me as a postman when I was delivering cards to invite you to the latest show of some good art works. There will always be some art news around my desk, that wasn’t on me.

Oh yes, I forgotten to dust your painting, and I will do it, really soon.

Failing science and ripped from art wasn’t a disaster thou. I was able to star all math and accounts examinations without much study. Poems was my teenage love that made English passable. But I remembered vividly that creative writting was not allowed, even writing about unmaterialistic but somehow relevant subject such as… ghosts.

Of course, my question also can advocate, to count if one wishes too; but that is another story.

I am an art agent. And I made some good friends while my question is slowly answered (or will it ever be?) Nonetheless, here are some stories about us. Thanks for reading!!