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Documenting art and identity in formation: An arts agent's story

FIRST DOCUMENTATION The first documentation is named ‘a force universal’ was a free flow visual statement first created in 2004 that was done by oneself inking mainly dots on paper, following a force that he sensed instictively. Although it may sound like turning into an abstract expressionism work or a pointillist style art, it probably […]

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Trends in Art and Technology Creative producers are keeping up to the trends of technology in their efforts to maximize exposure to the mass of audience reachable through technology enthusiast and offering art new methods in their making. These are few of the four current trends which art has been given the era to evolve […]

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Dahim Stairway Escapade

DAHIM’S STAIRWAY TO ESCAPADE “This collection is a series of works depicting a journey to freedom and to remind ourselves of the precious moments in our lifetime and to observe beyond our subconscious our moment of secrecy and in our exploration to escape into a world of reality within a dream of our destiny.” – […]


I was traveling in a van with my in laws towards a rural area in a Thai province not far away from a tourist attraction of a modern sheep farm. Its souvenir shop sold some prints that again made me stopped and look. I have noticed this series of erotic illustrations by Nit Jaingewkam since […]


The following article is on an International Art Exhibition featuring collaborative photo media works of Jack Kee Gamble (Australia) and Tan Haur (Singapore) to be taken place in Melbourne, Australia (SEP-OCT 2012). Perspectives in Transition The Crossroads of Melbourne and Singapore By Benedict Tan For decades, scientists went to a painstaking extent to recover evidences […]

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I have have been exposed to many ways of expressing my thoughts to the audience like public speaking, explaining my experiences to students, interviewed on radio and so forth. My first presentation was in college for the art work of Starry Night and the artist Vincent van Gogh. It went very well and I was […]


This marks my fourth year running this competition between French and Singaporean artists. The first year when this competition was created, it was called the “France + Singapore New Generation Artists” in 2009. The title carried for three consecutive years bringing 23 Finalists, 1 Honourable Mention Recepient and 3 Winners to the limelight. The idea […]

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Elisabeth and Heri Dono at an exhibition Merapi Beyond the Myths

Years back in 2004 when I was creating my thesis, Why has international success eluded Singaporean artists? Of couse, this statement was not what I could totally agree too deep in myself, at that time when I could or could not determine yet this question. But academically, this was a challenge that my thesis advisor […]


It was one afternoon when I picked up a call from a business woman who runs a travel agency. She explained that she has just started collaborating with an art agent representing an artist from China. They where promoting him in Singapore and were looking into some galleries to have his second exhibition here. We […]

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Hi all! This would be the first of a series called Foodography. As it literally suggest, it is a combination of food and photography. Food is simply another of my favourites besides art, as it is to many artists and those in the arts. Here, taking a photo of the dishes before all starts ripping […]